Friday, June 20, 2008

Creative Criticism

Now I must say that depending on who is giving the criticism, I may or may not listen to what someone has to say, but unless I value someones opinion deeply, I am not going to be offended by it. I joined a new art site recently that is a large photo contest and every member votes on the photographs. I manage to ruffle a few feathers because I didn't give people a high enough ranking. One of them even said that I offended him. I didn't mean to I just thought the photograph could have been better.

The question comes into play, when do you just sit back and let the world be happy with mediocrity. That seems to be what it wants. Something that is good enough. The fellow in question said he was offended and countered with the fact that the quite a few of the prints of that photograph had been sold. The problem is, it was a photograph of an interesting phenomenon so people will by a so-so print of some cool geological thing just because of the interesting geological thing not because it is a great photograph.

I have a critical eye, whether it is my own work or someone else's, and for the most part I welcome criticism of my work if it is in an effort to elevate the level of my work (that is not saying that digital is crap because its digital). I will never understand people who are so vain...maybe I am just rambling.