Thursday, April 26, 2012

Copper Bracelet with Patina

This new bracelet has been a work in progress for many months.  Mostly because I hadn't decided to take the plung and stick my copper work in a contain with some hard boiled eggs.  In theory, I knew it would work, but I wasn't sure about the process.

I will blame this on Easter.  We had a plethera of dyed hardboiled eggs from the kids.  You can only eat so much egg salad.  Now was the time.  I got my already put together storage device consisting of a medium size yogurt container with a small cottage cheese container on the top with small holes punched in the bottom.  I cut three eggs in half and put the in the bottom and then put the cottage cheese container on top with the bracelet in it and closed the lid.  Worried about the smell, I taped the container closed with packing tape.  Then, I waited.  It sat for two weeks...or maybe it was three...I lost count. 

Finally, it was garbage day.  I was time to get rid of the stinky contents of my experiment and see if it was all worth it.  I had previously assumed I would reuse the container, but since it had been so long, and I wasn't sure the smell would ever really come out of the plastic, I threw the container away with the eggs and brought the bracelet in the house to clean.

I was so happy that the patina process had worked!  I cleaned the bracelet with some orange pumice soap and then let it dry.  The next day, I took out my torch and heat treated the metal to give it a little color.  I am very happy with the look of this piece and I can't wait to try it again.

Thanks for reading,
Sarah McTernen
Ardent Life Designs*