Friday, April 24, 2009

Interested in Creating Art

Tacoma is yearning to become more of an arts centered city. According to the News Tribune, the arts and Tacoma have been entwined for years, but I must have missed that memo. The new push to incorporate the arts has gained momentum with the new year and the city putting up artist’s lofts in the brewery district, but a building not too far away has been reaching out to local artists since 2007.
Tacoma Art Place is a building located on South 11th street offering art classes to the public at affordable rates. Are you interested in learning how to knit, but don’t know where to go? That is where the Tacoma Art Place comes in. They are offering classes from photography to card making trying to fill a void in this artist laden community.
Want to find out more? Visit their website for center hours and current class information.

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