Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcoming a New Life

Infant photography has reached a new level of popularity in recent years with the help of Anne Geddes and other baby prop photographers. Before, the very young were stuck with poorly lit snap shots or those overhead hospital photos, but now they can be captured inside a tulip or curled up in a bear suit. To be honest, what I find beautiful about babies is their own innate innocence and newness. They have a constant curiosity and no ability to hide. Capturing an infant is more about waiting for their smile or curious grasp than folding them into the perfect sleeping shape or enshrouding them in cutesy costumes.
This year I am looking forward to offering new design services along with my photography. One of these services is baby announcements from your photo session. If scheduling a photography session seems undo-able in that first month home, remember that even by etiquette rules you have six months to make it happen.

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