Friday, April 9, 2010

The Art of an Internet Presence

For a small business, the idea of becoming visible on the Internet can be daunting. All you want is a simple yet attractive website for people to find in their search for your products or services. You look around for a web designer, but most of the companies only offer boring and unimaginative sites or want more than you make in a year. I would love to provide you with a unique website, tailored to your style and industry, for a fraction of what other companies charge. I charge less because I enjoy creating beautiful websites and stretching my creativity and your vision. Now is the time to update your image and improve your visibility. There are many ways to get people to your website, I help keep them there.

Why is Ardent Photography different than the standard website design service?
I offer completely unique websites without templates or frames. You will not see another website out there like your own. Your website will be created to emphasize your business and focus on your logo and branding. If you already have a logo, I will work with you to incorporate that image into the soul of your site, but if you haven’t got that far in your business identity yet, I would love to help you create a logo that captures the public eye and sticks in the memory of potential customers.

What other services does Ardent Photography provide?
• Website maintenance
• Head shots
• Copy writing
• Business card design
• Pamphlet creation
• Portfolio photography (people and merchandise)

Examples of my work: and

Need help with a logo for a new venture or just jazzing up your current style? I can help with that too. Let’s dust off the old and spring into a new vision.

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