Saturday, November 13, 2010

Invitations that Speak Volumes

Are you looking for an invitation for a special event? A First Birthday, Wedding, or Anniversary Party? Do you want a design that is unique and speaks volumes? Contact me to start the design process for your one of a kind invitation.

Postcard style
Standard $.75 to $1.05
Oversized $1 to $1.80

Flat Invitations
Finishes offered: Matte Linen Metallic Felt Speckled Recycled
Sizes Offered: 5x7 4.25x5.5 4x9.25 5.25x5.25
5.5x4 4x8 6x9 (only in Matte and Linen)

Example Pricing:
5.5x4 Matte Finish: $1 to $3.75 per Invitation
6x9 Linen Finish: $1.75 to $5 per invitation
4x9.25 Metallic Finish: $3.75 to $12 per invitation

Do you want a unique photograph of you and/or your loved ones for your unique invitation? On-site Photography sessions start at $75 per half an hour. Contact me for more information.

Thank you,
Sarah McTernen

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