Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some of Your Favorite Things

I must thank you all for your patience this year. I promise I will find the ball at some point (it is probably lost under the couch). But until then, I figured I would pose a question. I was going through some statistics on my Etsy shop and wanted to see what the most favorited photographs were.

The top three:

The Pearl Nautilus: 16
The Dandelion: 10
AR Apart: 9

Though my Etsy shop does not contain all of my images, I want to know...

What is your favorite of my photographs, any of them NOT just the three above?


What would you like to see more of?

On March 23rd (aka next Wednesday) I will pick one lucky person to receive an 8x10 of their favorite shot, so spread the news.

Thank you again for reading,
Sarah McTernen


  1. Demon on the Door - everytime i see it :)

  2. And the Winner is.....deb...p.s. Bohemian

    Send me your address via E-mail ( and I will ship out your 8x10.

    Thank you for your input,