Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dropping the Ball

I have been neglectful. I'm sorry. I haven't written in months. I could give plenty of examples of why I have been busy, but in the end, it hasn't been a priority. Things have been hectic and I am realizing that with so much going on, I tend not to be able to be perfect at everything. I accept imperfection in my art, knowing that the little differences identify it as mine. I have a harder time accepting this in my life. As a new year approaches, I will make posting here a larger priority.

What is going on in December?

Calendars are on sale online for $15 both 8x10 wall year calendars and 4x6 desk monthly calendars. You can buy a pre-packaged calendar, or pick and choose from any of my photographs. View the calendars on Facebook at the Ardent Photography page and E-mail me with your order at

Signature Art Jewelry on Etsy is on sale at 50% off until December 4th.

Junktastic is back in December! On December 4th, we will once again gather at Studio 6 Ballroom to sell our handcrafted and vintage wares, giving you a local opportunity to have a handmade holiday. Please come visit us on Sunday from 10am until 4pm. Find Junktastic on Facebook.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and may your holiday season be full of family and light.

Best wishes,

Sarah McTernen

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