Friday, January 13, 2012


The more I read, the more I am not sure I am built for this kind of thing.  That's not true.  It is just not something that I have time for at the moment.  This conversation has started in the middle.  Let us go back to the beginning.

I love to create.  There is a poster that I saw today on Etsy by Eee Bee that says "I just want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares."  This is how I feel, but I also would like my "hobby" to pay for itself.  At the moment, I do not believe that what I do could support my family, but I would like it to support itself, which it does...most of the time.  This leads me to try and learn marketing and exposure techniques.  It facilitates my need to find craft shows and other selling venues.  It is also the bane of my creative time, which between kids and homeschool, being a wife and all the other things, is in short supply.

I came across a link for the Smart Passive Income Blog and started to read.  The information is very good.  The problem is, I realize that it would take so much time to set up some of these strategies that I would not have time to create.  Possibly, I just have to learn patience.  Possibly, I just have to set aside some of my precious quiet time to formulate a better business model.  This hurts my brain just thinking about it.

I was reading The Mom's Guide to Running a Business earlier this week, trying to glean ideas for how to make my business grow and at the same time becoming overwhelmed with this feeling that I am not made of the same stuff these women are made from.  I guess it is the time of year for doubt.  The creating will happen no matter what, I just wish the business side of things was as enjoyable.

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