Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Path of Creation

Every once in a while, I will create a piece that took an interesting path to existence.  I was looking over some inventory the other day and realized that I had the Strata Connector in copper, gunmetal and tinned copper, but nothing in a gold tone.  So off I went in search of brash lobster clasps.  This lead me to Shipwreck and these Jasper Rings that jumped out and said, "Buy me!"   When I got my hands on the rings, I realized that they were a bit smaller than I had assumed (sometimes I don't think about my purchases as much as I should).  The biggest problem with their size was finding something that would fit inside without too much room.  When I finally found something that worked, the necklace had already begun to take shape.  I had recently chopped a bone choker that had the lovely centerpiece and I found the sardonyx drop on my mat of miscellaneous beads.  Knowing that I did not want the pattern to be too basic I found some sardonyx barrels that I had purchased a while back and found my long strand of tea dyed bone rondelles.  The necklace was complete.
As I sat there, pondering the necklaces existence, I started picking out some random beads that went together: the sister tea dyed bone centerpiece, a piece of sliced horn, a bit of sponge coral, a button, some tigers eye along with a large chunk of carnelian and mookite.  Soon I was wiring these unconnected pieces together with copper wire and attaching a larger lobster clasp.  I loved the cohesive quality and the randomness.  My brain starts thinking that this could be a new line of bracelets.  
My eyes head back to the mat of miscellaneous beads and land squarely on a skull that I am sure belong to one of my kids at some point.
Sometimes you just have an extra skull lying around the house.  What to do?  Make a bracelet!  This is how a very random bracelet in created with a plastic skull, a found rock that I drilled, a glass pearl, a white chunky rectangle, some mother of pearl and a few other stones strung together with tinned copper and closed with a silver plated lobster clasp.  I didn't set out to make a skull bracelet, but through the path of creation this is what I have created. 
I like it. 
Do you?
Thanks for reading,
Sarah McTernen
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