Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rising to the Surface

Rising to the Surface by Sarah McTernen 2012
I am trying to find my desk again.  It has sunk underneath a layer of beads, metal and camera equipment not to mention all of the unfiled paperwork, medical documents, and in process school work.  The concept of overwhelmed passed me a few months ago. 

My daughter started back at physical therapy a few weeks ago, after her last surgery.  I have taken the time to start reading Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg.  So far,  I am enjoying the book but a lot of the bad habits she is encouraging people to get rid of, I threw away a long time ago.  I don't get down to writing for a single reason: one child or another will interrupt me every few minutes, breaking my train of thought, my trip into the character's brain, my immersion in the scene and I have to start over again.  Natalie writes about giving yourself permission to write crap.  I accept that.  I also know that in order to move beyond writing crap, you have to have a bit of concentration on a subject.  That I am lacking.

Still, I have given myself a task for this upcoming year.  I could wait until January to start, but I find that to be silly.  I am going to start writing more; including in this blog.  I am going to be exercising that muscle that has for all too long been left to atrophy.  I am also, once again, promising to deliver a rough draft of the cook book by the end of 2014, baring any more medical diversions. 

Thank you for reading,
Sarah McTernen

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