Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Make Room, Make Room

Hard Drive
I'm in a cleaning phase right now.  Cleaning out old clothes, old dishes, old books, and old ideas.  Scrapping projects that didn't work an make space for new ideas. 

In the middle of this I picked up the KonMari method book from the library, but for the most part it is what I do yearly anyway.  I am not the untidy person.  Teaching my kids to be tidy is a-whole-nother story. 

There are two reasons I cannot embrace this tidying method with vigor.  One, is that I am an amateur librarian and cannot part with books that at some point, may be useful, and two is that I create art from found objects, so you never know when that big bin of cork is going to come in handy, or that broken whisk, or all those motherboards that I scrapped out of laptops a couple years ago.  It is really hard to part with things that are potential art supplies. 

But I live in a small house, with 4+ other people, and I am drowning a bit in potential art and not making nearly enough actual art.

But speaking of actual art, if you are in the Tacoma area on Saturday, I will have my booth set up in conjunction with my neighborhood yard sale. 

Find more information on Facebook An Ardent Life Market.

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