Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Making the Old New Again

My previous camera was the static lens Olympus 3030z, which at the time I bought it, was a relatively good camera. As the years have passed, and the technology has grown by leaps and bounds, the photographs that I took with this camera, seem to have lost a bit of luster in my eyes. Though a few stand the test of time, the majority of my old images are in a file to get a once over review, with some gentle tweaks for quality and some not so gentle tweaks for artistic purposes.

This photograph is of a wall at Point Defiance Park's Owen's Beach that is yearly covered in green moss and used as a public note pad as people scrape off the moss to create temporary graffiti.
I cleaned up the noise in the original image and then added some contrast and light. For a more artistic twist, I change removed the color information and then added back just enough red and yellow to create a mock sepia finish.

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