Thursday, May 7, 2009

Portfolios: Finding the Many Faces

Shooting a portfolio is all about showing off the range of a person and finding the emotions they can portray in a single instance. Whether the portfolio is for modeling or acting, it is the same concept. The model/actor has to have the instinct for on-demand emotion, but at the same time, the photographer has to have the talent for capturing the emotion the minute it surface. There is no greater example of this challenge than with creating a child portfolio. Children have their own agenda. Directors know this and have techniques to get a child to do what they want on the set, but for a portfolio, it is more about letting the child be expressive.

The example above is my daughter. She is a girl of a thousand faces. These photographs were all taken in a brief ten minute photo session in our backyard. This was unscripted. If you would like to talk about portfolios or photographs of your child, give me a call at 253-566-6175 or send me an e-mail at

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Sarah McTernen

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