Friday, March 26, 2010

March Etsy Favorites

I love copper. I always have, even if it sometimes turns my skin green. I love the bright orange color of a clean penny and the subtle petina of an aged statue. Here are some of my favorite Etsy listings having to do with copper.

1. Casper Copperbottom - eiderdown

2. Night Chi 3 piece dinnerware set - OneClayBead

3. Dodo in copper and granite - Rakupferamik

4. Copper Penny - Flowers - Original Watercolor 4x6 - printmakerjenn

5. Barrel Copper Red Mugs - cyrusthepotter

6. Bubble Wand Mini Flower Swirl Magic Wand - PurpleBusStudio

7. Copper-Blue Raku Vase - natureofclay

8. Hand Forged Iron and Copper Flower Life-Size - styler76

Welcome to spring.

Thanks for looking,

Sarah McTernen

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