Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photography 101: Product

Fused Glass Plate by Tacoma Artist Penny Duke

When taking product shots there are a few simple things to remember to create useful images.

1. Keep it simple: Don't clutter the image with lots of background or other items. A simple background is enough to showcase your item. If you need a prop, use one not twelve.

2. Focus: Make sure the focus of the camera is on your product, not on anything else, especially not the empty air in front of the product.

3. Lighting: Don't worry, you do not need special lights to create usable images. Sunlight (even on cloudy days) is bright enough. Well lit images showcase your product much better than low light, "dingy" looking pictures.

Think you still need help or you want a in house lesson? Send me an E-mail. I will help you create better product shops for online shops and portfolios.

Thank you,

Sarah McTernen

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