Saturday, June 23, 2012

Laughing at Myself

Pricing is not my strong suit.  It is a constant balance between not feeling like I am working for free and worrying about loosing customers because the perceived value of my product is not in balance with the actual cost.

The other day I saw an Amazon Local deal for Yuen Lui.  The deal was a 30 minute photography session in studio or on location,  an 8x10, two 3x5 and eight wallets along with a digital image for $49.  Sounds great, but it says all this regularly costs $485! 

I haven't priced out studios in a while but whoa, that number made my head spin.  An equivalent package with me would be under $150 (yes, I just had to do the math.) 

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  1. Sounds like maybe an interesting way to market themselves. I'm so good I cost $485 but I like you SO much it only cost you $49. Not saying that this works all the time but sometimes when I see such a deal I jump at it. Nothing like bragging about how much money I saved. I'm just saying. ~Maggie

  2. Very true. The rule of business is to charge enough so that you can offer sales without loosing all your profit.