Friday, June 22, 2012

The Television Conundrum

I have always battled with the television conundrum. 

All too often, I know they watch "too much" according to the all mighty THEM.

Then I think about how son's favorite TV show since he was three has been Mythbusters.

I think about how my littlest knows not only her ABC's but also most of the letter sounds and she isn't yet three.

I think about how the actress has used plots she has seen on TV to create make believe games that drive her brother crazy.

I have watched them walk away from the TV to paint, read (or in my son's case he reads and watches TV at the same time...I don't know where he gets that from), or run outside to play with friends.
The problem with most of the people who say that TV is evil, is their solutions do not fit our family.  We do not live on a large plot of land.  Yes, we have a back yard, but it really isn't that interesting.  It is not something you can really explore.  We also live in Washington and well, a lot of days you just don't want to go outside. We live in a quiet neighborhood with one other house that has kids and that's it.

My kids also have a mother who doesn't play, not the way I am "supposed to." I am a more reading, discussion, and doing type of girl.

So, I think I am going to stop beating myself up about it.

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