Sunday, March 9, 2014

Preparing for a Change of Season

Twin Bridges at Sunset
by Sarah McTernen

There was a break in the rain today, so I got out a new pair of gardening gloves and attacked the sprouting hairy bitter cress, cleared out the water hyacinth from the pond, swearing to find a native plant for this year, and cleaned out winter dandelions and grass from the flower beads.  I managed to accomplish all of my desired tasks today, including asking the husband to trim the pear tree, before the rain began again.  I am happy with what I accomplished today even though I still have plenty of weeding and bed renewal to do before planting.  With spring right around the corner, I am itching to put seeds in the ground, especially after seeing sprouts of some random seeds in the beds. 

Now, after approximately two weeks, I get to sit back at my desk with a new hard drive in my computer and everything seems to be running good for the moment.  Knock on wood.  It is nice to be able to work with a full size screen and key board.  So I will try to get back to regular posts.

Have a happy Sunday.

Best wishes,
Sarah McTernen

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