Monday, February 24, 2014

More Problems with Tech

Stop! a Vintage Car Brake Light by Sarah McTernen
I think it is officially dead.  I tried to revive it, but after six months of hoping it won't crash, my computer will no longer stay on for more than 30 seconds before blue screening.  I guess it is time to give up and figure out how to work without it. 

My kitchen table is a mess of wires right now as I have a USB hub hooked to the Surface and USB keyboard hooked to the hub and my USB hard drive also hooked to the hub so I can work on documents that will not fit on the Surface and something is beeping!  I don't know what but I am assuming that the file transfer that I am attempting between the SD Card and the portable hard drive is not working :(  Blah.  Some days I hate technology.

Finished reading the 5th graders essay on how stars created the universe.  Now onto figuring out how I can get files from my camera onto the USB hard drive so I can develop the photographs I took on Saturday.  I think I am ready for it to be Tuesday.

Are there days when technology fails you?

Thanks for reading,
Sarah McTernen

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