Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monday (I mean Tuesday) Morning (I mean afternoon) Special

Instant Room Décor 8x10 Designer Packs are on sale for $10 This week only!

Looking to start your art photography collection, but not sure exactly how to do it? Looking to fill in that blank wall in your apartment? Ardent Photography has now introduced the 8x10 Grab Bag, a selection of 5 "Random" 8x10 Ardent Art Prints. Great for any room décor, but especially for dorm rooms, first apartments, that new guest room that looks a little bare. Photographs include landscapes, flower close ups, and my everyday objects style.

Why "Random"? The photographs are random-ish.  I went through all of the photographs that I put in these envelopes and made sure the colors coordinated and the subjects where complimentary in my opinion, though they may still be completely random to you. They will look lovely in a mosaic on your wall or separate in different rooms.

All photographs are printed on Fuji archival paper by a professional print house with a 1/4 inch border for matting and packaged in a cello envelope with a backer board.

Come on, you know you want one.

11x14 packs are also on sale for $20.

If you want specifically gun art you need to request it.  I have only three 8x10 and one 11x14 gun art packs available. If you want a 5x7 or 4x6 gun pack, message me and I will make sure that I have enough to put one together for you.

Since I am getting this out late this week (and because I already have a listing for the design packs), I am going to leave last weeks deal up for 1 more week! 

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