Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Politics of Health

I am not a fan of Western Medicine, this is well known, but on the same token, I do not believe that there is a conspiracy to make everyone addicted to prescription drugs and reliant on the system.  I cannot believe that an entire system is filled with people full of “a greed lust for power and money”1 as put in one article. I am sure that there are horrible people out there in the medical industry just as there are horrible people everywhere, but when you are talking about the doctors, the nurses, and the people who deal with sick human beings every day, I do not think that the majority are “drug pushers” and willing pawns of a conspiracy.  They truly believe what they are telling you based on the knowledge that they have acquired.  None of us fully understands how the body works.  People accomplish physical miracles because of sheer will, determination, or something along those lines.  Our knowledge does not included the whole system.

According to a miracle is “an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.

Doctors cannot bet on miracles and can only prescribe what they have physical proof will work.  To be honest, because of these limitations, their ability to heal is imperfect.  The amazing thing about the country we live in, is that we have a choice on who we get to listen to, even if this choice has been threatened as of late with poorly thought out “health” legislation.  I am sending a call out there, to all the people writing alternative health articles, to stop the mudslinging.  Stop playing politics and just inform the populace.  People need facts not emotions.  Trust me, if they are sick or trying to stay healthy, they have plenty of emotions already. 

I read an article earlier this week from Keeper of the Home2, about being ashamed because her child had some dental issues and needed substantial work done.  I have to admit that when my daughter needed surgery, and I could find no reasonable alternative, I was ashamed as well.  Some of this is because I truly believe in the body’s ability to heal and thrive without intervention, and I was thumbing my nose at this belief by turning to surgery, but another part of it, is because the crunchy community treats western medicine like Satan incarnate.  I acknowledge the existence of both science and spirit.  I will not close my eyes to one in favor of the other. I think people should throw their hatred and judgment out the window, and put out an open, helping hand. 

Thank you,

Sarah McTernen

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