Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Building Strength

You cannot fix bullying with an ad campaign.  You cannot fix bullying by convincing the mean kids to stop it.  You cannot fix bullying by only punishing the kids who are doing the bullying.  You know what kids who are bullied need? Those kids who are constantly brought down by sarcastic comments, barbed insults, shoves in the hallway, internet smears, etc.  They need one person.  They need one person to look at them, find their passion, and foster it.  It takes someone building them up in a way that is stronger than those tearing them down.  This is much harder than writing a PSA for the morning news.  It takes a lifetime commitment.  It takes someone canceling out the negativity in this world with a bit of positive influence.  It takes grown people viewing children as human beings instead of chattel or worse, blocks of clay to mold and manipulate.

You cannot stop the bad things in this world and you will never rid it of the bad people.  The only thing you can do is build strength: in yourself, in others, in your personal community. 

Sarah McTernen

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