Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jumping Over the September Slump

September always flies by without anything really getting done.  I don't know how, but it happens every year.  I feel like I am constantly playing catch up; sitting down and falling behind.  Then October hits and the fog clears.  Life seems to make more sense, but I have to prepare for one of the busiest months in my house.  I mean, we have four birthdays and Halloween (which is a medium size holiday for us but still very important).

I have a few goals that I would like to hit by year end.  One is to finish the book I have been working on.  No, this isn't the awesome story that none of you have heard about because I believe in the mantra that you shouldn't talk about the book you are writing but write it, it is not the cook book that yes is still on my plate and I am hoping to get the rough draft done by 2015, but it is a photography and poetry book that I began putting together in June.  Summer was full of show prep and the like, so the book was pushed back in the pile, and then the aforementioned September slump, but after I get the senior portrait session developed and the photographs from my trip to central Washington, I am getting right on that.

I am also going to attempt to build both Etsy shops up to 200 or so items in the next month.  Really it is only adding about 50 items to each shop, but it will be a feat to accomplish.  Etsy is making a lot of changes that may or may not be good for sellers like me, but for now they are were I am selling, so I am going to put more effort into listing and updating.

I also am going to post more, because why have a blog if you don't write in it.  Silly me.

Talk to you soon,
Sarah McTernen
Photographic Artist / Jewelry Designer

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